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Oldies Station: ‘Powerball Lottery Fever’

Posted on November 30, 2010 by pomranz

The Original Feller's Revival tape

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During my senior year of high school and freshman year of college, I put together a band known as The Original Feller’s Revival.  The “band” consisted of me playing (just barely) all the instruments we happened to have lying around my basement (not many) and recording the nonsense on a Yamaha 4-track recorder.

I recorded nine “EPs” this way which were all “released” on very short 10 or 20 minute run cassette tapes to barely anyone else but myself.

The last of these EPs — Old Time Flavour — was, sadly, lost forever.  Or at least the final mixed master was.  The original 4-track master has been buried in closets, traveling with me in a shoebox box as I moved about the country.

Recently, one of those songs from Old Time Flavour that I recorded back in (around) 1998 got totally stuck in my head and I needed to hear it again.  This past weekend, I dug out that old and dusty Yamaha 4-track which still works (just barely) and put together a new mixed digital master of that track.

The song is called “Powerball Lottery Fever” and can be heard above.

Enjoy. (?)

Oh…  And if you have any interest, the lyrics (which are obviously awesome) are after the jump…

“Powerball Lottery Fever”
(lyrics by Mike Pomranz)

Drunken like the young behavior
Never see the conscious savior
All that you could ever be
Is caught up in your destiny

And…  Oh!  A foul sight!
Power to the night!

Senses wasted on a better
Never knew what I could concept
If you want to make me go right
Maybe you should not put up the fight

Oh!  I see the same
Lost inside a dream

Biologically the same
Doesn’t make me anymore the sane

Oh!  I know what you can breathe
Toxic air to cause your lungs to squeeze
And when the light is running out of time
A million thousand heartbeats on the mind


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