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With his intelligent mix of personal anecdotes, absurdist insights and otherworldly perspectives, Brooklyn’s Mike Pomranz has become a mildly-notable, semi-regular performer within stand-up comedy circles. Whether discussing the recent paucity of bearded presidents or a trip to the Whole Food’s beer department, Mike plays to his audiences strengths while pandering to their weaknesses.

I first performed stand-up comedy at an open mic at the Westwood Brewing Company in Los Angeles, California in 2001.  Displaying a lack of confidence, delivering poorly-conceived material and sporting a terrible haircut, I performed inadequately.  This went on for quite some time.  My comedy career came to a self-imposed halt after being yanked from a stage in North Hollywood while performing September 11th jokes on September 12th, 2001.

By 2005, I was back, this time nervously meandering through weak open mic sets in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Though my delivery was still shaky-at-best, my material had improved and I finally gained the confidence to try my hand at the “big time” — doing a seven minute set opening for Christian Finnegan at the secondary stage of the Laugh Factory in New York City.  Thinking this to be the apex of my comedy career, I abruptly retired for the second time.

But by 2008, I had finally decided, “Fuck it.”  At the ripe-old and borderline-unsuccessful age of 29, I moved to Brooklyn to pursue comedy full time.  Part of that career path would involve me tackling my biggest comedic demon… stand-up.

Everything went better than expected!

I deliver dynamic, high-brow and high-energy shows and strive to be one of the scene’s most refreshing voices.

A very limited selection of performance videos is available on my YouTube page.  I apologize that these videos can best be described as “not great.”


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    Michael Pomranz is a writer, comedian, musician, beer expert, food & wine specialist, Certified Cider Professional, '70s music DJ and underappreciated songsmith working out of Brooklyn, New York, and Sheffield, England. This is his official website/blog.

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    None at this time. Check back soon.
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